Divine Order takes charge of my life today and everyday.
 All things work together for Good for me today.
 This is a New and Wonderful day for me.
There will Never be another day like this one.

 I am Divinely Guided all day long, and whatever I do will Prosper.
 Divine Love surrounds me, enfolds me, and enwraps me,and I go forth in Peace.
Whenever my attention wanders from that which is Good and Constructive,
I will Immediately bring it back to the Contemplation
of that which is Lovely and of Good Report.

 I am a Spiritual Magnet attracting to myself all things which Bless and Prosper Me.  I am going to be a Wonderful Success in All my undertakings today.
 I am definitely going to be Happy All Day Long!


With each moment that passes, I am learning to have Faith
in that which cannot be seen directly with the eye, but can be discerned with the
Heart, Intuition, and Knowledge of a Higher Power which Guides the Universe.
Hope springs from this and Blossoms into Joy and anticipation of
Goodness and Beauty Prevailing.

When we consciously choose to heal our anger or fear, every circumstance becomes the compassionate action of the universe to the soul's desire to become whole.

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