Crossing Over

When lymphoma returned in 2007, I thought I was about to leave the earth.  I first intended this to be read after I crossed to the other side.  By the grace of God and a bone marrow transplant, I got an extension on my "lease" on this body.  I thought I'd go ahead and release this link.  While I was putting this photo collage together, I revisited the wonderful places I've seen and the people I've met along the path.  What a great Life I've had in these 55+ years:

Experienced childhood in the hills of central Virginia.
Moved to Arizona in 1964.
Graduated high school and dropped out of engineering school the following year.
Studied agriculture, labored on a farm, planted 40 acres of pine trees.
Helped manage a petroleum storage facility.
Drove an 18 wheeler haulin' gasoline.
Bicycled through Europe, hitch-hiked across America.
Worked in a electronic manufacturing firm.
Joined the Moonies, sold flowers & junk food across the east coast.
Lived in a while in New York, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Maine,
Bayou La Batre and Pascagoula.
Built fishing boats.
Motorcycled from Alabama to Phoenix via New York: on a Yamaha 400 I'll never forget!
Supervised commercial office/warehouse construction.
Developed residential property, built custom homes, suffered thru the RTC fiasco.
Joined the family computer leasing business.
Warehoused, re-furbished, marketed & administered. Wrote some software.
Visited Korea, train-toured Great Britain.
Pick-up truck toured the US, built a furniture piece or two, train-travelled Japan.
Web-published a bit, RV-toured the west coast.
Wore an orange apron at the Home Depot for 90 days, swung a hammer again, delivered flowers again.
Learned computer-aided design, under-studied civil engineering.
Took some awesome hiking adventures......

It looks like I just couldn't decide what I wanted to be when I grew up doesn't it?  But you know, beneath it all, I'm still amazed at how many thousands of people I've been able to encounter along the way.  I can only be grateful for the many wonderful souls that have been a part of my life.  I'd like to give a special thanks to:

To God for making it all possible.

To Bill and Dorothy: for giving me such a solid upbringing that I could dare to be adventurous.
And mom, please forgive me for my terrorism as a teenager and again at mid-life.
To brother Bob for brilliant dialogue, and a wonderful raft trip thru the Grand Canyon.
To brother Don for his loyalty, love of critters, and enabling me to drive an aircraft carrier.
To sister-in-law Catherine for unlocking heart and humor in the Sanderson clan.
To school classmates whose friendship withstood the test of time.
To Chris, Howard and Andrew for showing me just how wonderful Jewish people can be.
To George  & Tom for renewing my faith in a handshake to seal integrity in business.
To Lois Ann for friendship, spiritual dialogue, and bringing out my dark side.
To Barbara for expanding my understanding of this earthly journey.
To cousin Jocelyn for being a wonderful friend.
To Beverly for companionship, passion & love.
To Leroy for being the best dog anybody could possibly want.
To Don Surface for giving me something to do.
To all the friends who stood by and made cancer therapy possible.
To Cris Costigan for sending me the quote that pretty much say's it all:

 "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather, to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming....WOW!!!...What a ride !!! "

See y'all on the other side