IV. Thriving in a "User-Friendly" Universe
"Teaching everything in terms of circles or wheels is a Native American spiritual tradition.  The "mistakes wheel" is a new perspective on the medicine wheel, which is part of the Sweet Medicine Path, and shares the keys to self-acceptance and acceptance of the universe.  The five sections of the disk hold five messages about mistakes.
In the north part of the wheel, the message reads:  "Learning from our own mistakes".  In the west part, it's "Learning from the mistakes of others."  In the east portion, it says: "Learning from the mistakes of our teachers," and, in the south segment, it's: "Being willing to make as many mistakes as it takes."
Finally in the center of this medicine wheel, a position which represents the essence of the learning, the following is written: "Learning that there is no such thing as a mistake."
If we open ourselves to the possibilities that all we encounter and do offers us opportunities for joy and learning, then we can make all circumstances useful and fruitful.  Certainly, a universe in which such a possibility exists would be "user-friendly".  It might, in fact, be even more friendly than we could have ever imagined."