What is the New Age, Anyway?

When the light of abundance replaces the shadow of lack.
When the song of the Universe sounds within you.
When the wonder of Life replaces preoccupation with problems.
When the hierarchies recognize that true power rests within each person.
When you are no longer ashamed of who you are.
When self-worth replaces the need to please others.
When you really believe you deserve the best.
When adversity becomes your stimulant for growth.
When you lovingly accept yourself as you are now, though you may choose to change  some of your attitudes.
When the acceptance of others, exactly as they are, becomes natural.
When it becomes unnecessary to judge or blame anyone.
When self-righteousness disappears from your presence.
When the past and future no longer rule your life.
When there is no such emotion as guilt.
When honesty takes the place of manipulation.
When your feelings serve you rather than haunt you.
When you let go of your need to win.
When hypocrisy no longer suits you.
When it is easy to focus on the good in yourself and in others.
When you know that good can and will replace the darkness of evil.
When your desire to be happy supersedes your need to be right.
When you decide to seek wisdom from all sources.
When serenity becomes your normal way of living.
When you acknowledge reality, regardless of who or what created it.
When you can treat today as a day in heaven.
When you finally realize that you are a vital part of all that is.
When you learn to accept the help that God always offers.
When you allow the true inner voice to influence your decisions.
When you wake up embracing the new day.
When all life matters to you.
When you choose to begin it.